StahlSac X-Large Dive Cargo Duffel with Wheels

This bag will hold it all, trip after trip
Mar 17 '03

Author's Product Rating
Product Rating: 5.0

Tough, durable, gargantuan

Tends to be off-balance & front weighted no matter how it's packed

The Bottom Line
Scuba bags are not cheap, so you really should get one that's going to last; like the Stahlsac.

Full Review
My first dedicated scuba bag was a Wenoka SeaQuest half-hard shell. It completely disintegrated on the third overseas dive trip. A wheel broke off, the fabric came apart at the seams, the straps detached from the bag, and I still had to get my gear home. I ended up shrink-wrapping several cheapo-tourest duffles together.

My next bag, the Aqualung Aqua Trek Convertible Duffle (reviewed elsewhere on this site), fared a little better. After the Miami baggage handlers had their way with it on it's fourth trip, I spent a good chunk of the trip hand sewing the ripped stitching.

I was coming to the understanding that scuba equipment was just too bulky and heavy for any sort of bag to last.

Then I bought the Stahlsac.

It has survived five overseas trips without a single frayed thread. I have every expectation that it will survive many more.

Here's my scuba bag wish list:
1) As durable as the stahlsac.
2) Large enough to hold all my cold-water dive equipment, like the stahlsac.
3) Uses rollerblade wheels so I can find replacements when out of country.
3) Tall enough to hold my freedive fins (the only area where the stahlsac fails.)