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Cochran Captian
Cochran Commander
Oceanic Data 100
Picasso Freedive Fins
Scubo Pro Blades vs. wet noodles
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Canon Sureshot A1
Nikonos V
Toshiba PDR-M70
Canon S400 Digital Elph
Canon PowerShot S50
Olympus Camedia C5050
Zeagle Concept
Zeagle Scout
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Aqualung Aqua Trek Convertible Duffle
StahlSac X-Large Dive Cargo Duffel

Dive Resort/Location One Sentence Reviews:
Dive St. Vincent, St. Vincent Caribbean: Beautiful island, muck diving decent, crotchity guy
Habitat, Curaçao, AN: Easiest shore diving ever, but house reef suffering.
Scuba Club Cozumel, MX: Nice hotel, cattle-car boats & a long ride to dive.
Santika Resort, N. Manado, N. Sualwasi, ID: Beautiful & Thalassa Dive was awesome
Bangka "Resort" P. Bangka, N. Sulawasi, ID: Primitive accommodations beautiful diving.
Lembeh Resort, P. Lembeh, N. Sulawasi, ID: Mosquitoes in room, otherwise perfect.
Buddies Dive Resort, Bonaire, AN: Adequate no-frills with over-rated diving.
McCoys Resort, Little Caymon, KY: Bad weather jaded opinion & average carib. diving.
Island House, Grand Turk, TC: Great accommodations, occasionally good diving.
Mermaid 2 live-aboard, Phuket, TH: Capt. didn't know how to drive a boat: avoid.
Kararu live-aboard, Komodo, ID: Awesome in every conceivable manner.
Ocean Rover live-aboard, Phuket TH: Overpriced & wealthy divers, otherwise awsome
Cottage Club, Saba, AN: Great place, fairly advanced, but rewarding, dives.
Maya Ha, Quintana Rue, MX: Nice place (first guests) long boat rides, great diving. (out of business?)
Kona Big Island, HI, US: Go North for whales & better diving.
Monterey, CA, US: Cold but sometimes unbelievably beautiful. Kelp is the new Coral
Newport Beach & Catalina Is., CA, US: I'll take my chances with Point Lobos.
Nitrox and mixed gas diving & how computers model gas absorbsion (okay, any day now I'll actually fill this thing out. Please start holding your breath... NOW!

Nitrox Calculator Beta v.3.2

This is a simple tool for calculating several key elements for nitrox and mixed gas (N2 and O2 only) diving.

O2 in mix:

Air Equiv. Depth

ft Depth to use for calculating dive with normal (21% O2 ) dive tables


% Difference between actual depth and equivalent depth

Inverse Multiplier

% Safety margin if used with "normal" dive tables of a computer set to air

Partial Pressure of O2

atm Pressure the oxygen component exherts at depth

Partial Pressure of N2

atm Pressure the nitrogen component exherts at depth (including other intert gasses)

Total air pressure at depth

psi Pressure exherted by all components in gas

Number of atmospheres at depth

atm Pressure exherted by water and air (earth's atmosphere) on body

Please note, there are a few issues still to be worked out with this calculator. This is to be used for instructional and informational purposes only, not as the main or only sourse of planning information for your dive.

Annoyed with paying $25 for 25 half-pieces of paper which where pathetically useless, I long ago decided to print my own log pages. My goal was to spend as little time, thought and energy filling out my log as possible while recording as much info about the dive as possible. Since then there have been dozens of iterations. Here is a printable version of the latest log. It's a Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Print on standard or, preferably, heavy-weight paper, cut it in half and punch out the holes for a three ring binder. Of course my own log is customized to print my cert numbers, my return address, I even pre-fill the altitude, location and dates before I head out on a specific trip. If you throw enough money at me, I might customize one for you, but before bugging me, you might also want to check out dive-logs, a UK log design & printing company which allow you to cutomize your logs. Their logs are almost as nice as mine.

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